Asking our Flower Girl

Little Mila is our first niece and goddaughter so obviously she is the first person who came to our mind when choosing a flower girl. We asked her parents (my sister) first to be sure they were up for helping her in her role and of course they said yes.

Mila only turned one this May…I chose to ask her then so that she could comprehend a little bit more the fact that I was asking her a question and that she was receiving flowers.


Unfortunately our church does not permit flower petals to be tossed on the ground, so I decided to purchase a lavender flower pomander ball….it will be easier for her to carry anyway. When it arrived, I hot glued green rhinestones in each rose and added darker purple and green ribbons. I placed this in a purple basket I found at Kmart on clearance during their post-Easter sale. Next, I placed a flower crown to line the basket and sat a little doll on top of the flowers. I found one that matched the closest to our colors and put her long hair in a ponytail which also helped to keep her straight. I printed “Mila, Will you be our Flower Girl? Love A&S 10.15.16” on to a flower I crafted using Microsoft Word and colored paper (stock and regular, see free template below). The total to make the basket was about $16 (see approximate costs below):

  • Flower Pomander Ebay: $4 free shipping
  • Rhinestones Ebay: $0.30
  • Purple and Green Ribbon Walmart: $1.00 ($0.50 each)
  • Flower Crown Ebay: $6 free shipping
  • off-brand Barbie doll Walmart: $3
  • Purple Easter Basket Kmart: $2
  • The smile she gave us with her smile: Priceless 🙂

She didn’t tell me yes straight out (I didn’t expect her to), but her excitement with the mini barbie doll I gave her was enough of a yes for me lol

  • Ask Flower Girl Word Template: Ask FG

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