Proposing to Our Wedding Party

This is something I thought would be extremely easy but wound up being a little tougher than I thought. There are SO many special friends and family who we wanted to stand with us as we walked down the aisle…but the number of bridesmaids/groomsmen we initially chose was either to big a number (I’m trying to avoid having this look like a Quinceanera lol) or the sides were just uneven (I prefer having even sides).

To avoid having someone feel left out, we decided zero bridesmaids and groomsmen. We would only have a Best Man and Maid of Honor, who would be our two closest friends. This satisfied me for a while until I couldn’t help but feel bad for leaving our siblings out of the picture. We are both really close with our siblings…they’ve been with us through everything. So I researched bridal party alternatives. There wasn’t much out there until  I ran into A Practical Wedding. The page described alternatives other brides haves used…one woman’s “Something Blue’s” struck me as interesting. She chose 13 special women in her life to wear blue on the day of her wedding and stand up with her in spirit. It was a way to recognize them and have them stand out from the others. I thought this was really neat! I showed this to Shannen and he thought it was cool…he doesn’t get as excited as I do about these kind of things 😛 We decided, though, to go forward with this.


Something Blue’s:

I knew right off the bat I wanted to “pop” the question to our siblings with a balloon (thank you Pinterest). I found the phrase “Siblings forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart”…so perfect to use! I just didn’t know how to incorporate this phrase, the question, and the balloon. I finally decided to ask the question with a little rhyming poem. I researched the meaning of the color blue and of the term Something Blue. All (or most) results came back the same: trust, pureness, loyalty, and understanding. I’m no poet but I attempted to create a poem using my notes…I finally came up with this:

Siblings forever, never apart…Maybe in distance, but never in heart…We’ve got that special trust of love…That can even be seen from the sky up above…Our bond coincides with the meaning of the color blue…Because of this we can’t imagine walking down the aisle with just us two…So we’ve got a very important question to ask you! … (Name), Please pop the balloon!

Then they’d pop a glitter filled balloon containing a folded piece of paper that says: “Will you be our Something Blue?”.

I purchased the glitter boxes, star confetti, water balloons, gold filling, and green mints from the Dollar Tree. Total cost to make all 5 boxes was $9! (about $10 with taxes). The most costly box to ship was the one going to Washington – about $3.50.

Of all the boxes, there was only one balloon that popped (before I even got out the door as a matter of fact)…luckily I heard it and had time to create something else really quick. I used the same wording but created a chocolate bar wrap instead with wavy edges. To cover the “Something Blue” question, I went over the words with a thick coat of white crayon. I then mixed one part dish soap with one part white acrylic paint and painted about ten layers (letting each layer dry in between coats). To add a finishing touch, I wrapped some twine around the bar.

I guess this idea was for the best as it was going to be shipped to Hawaii…shipping cost went way down of course! When it was received, the white paint scratched right off (thank goodness).


Best Man:

Shannen asked his best friend Rigo almost immediately when we first got engaged. So cute… I just wish he would have surprised him a little bit more with it. When the time came that I wanted to ask our siblings and my friend all at once, Shannen decided to get his friend a little something to make it official. So he ordered a nice Pilsner glass that he found on Groupon for about $10 or $15 that said Best Man across it. We wrapped it in tissue paper and placed it in a nice plain gift bag with more tissue paper…no card or anything…He didn’t feel that was very manly haha but Rigo got the jist and accepted (again!).


The Pilsner glass looks just like the photo above, except it says Best Man in that same font.


Maid of Honor: 

Amalia lives in a city about 5 hours away from mine. Due to work and money issues, the only personal way I could ask her was via snail mail.

I used Microsoft Word to create the wording and photo collage.  Here’s what the card says:

  • Front Cover: A sentimental note saying how important our friendship is to me and some fond memories we share.
  • Inside (Top): The photos are some we’ve taken throughout the time we’ve know each other.
  • Inside (Bottom): The inside reads “You didn’t think I’d choose to walk down the aisle without you…did you? Will you be my Maid of Honor? I sure hope you say yes! Love, Adri”.
  • Back Cover: The back of the card says A&S 10.15.2016. (Mine & Shannen’s initials and wedding date).

Once printed on to regular computer paper, I cut each section with rounded corners and pasted them onto a tan cardstock paper (8.5″ x 11″, folded in half) and also rounded these corners…I think the rounded corners added a nice touch and softened the look. I then attached a cute necklace I found that says “love, friendship, forever” by taping the back of it along the cards outside edge so that the necklace is displayed over the words “will you be my Maid of Honor?”. I let this dry over night (just in case) and placed it in a 6.5″ x 9.5″ envelope with some star confetti I found at the Dollar Tree. That’s it! It cost me about 75 cents to deliver and she received it in about two days.



I love how everything turned out…and I love that everyone has said yes! 🙂

Later in the year, I’ll ask my godchildren to be our Flower girl and Ring Bearer…My goddaughter isn’t even one yet and I want her to comprehend that she’s being asked something lol


I’m attaching the Word documents minus my personalizations…maybe some future bride’s out there can use these too!

Ask Something Blue’s – Balloon (Word Doc)

Ask Something Blue – Scratcher (Word Doc)

Ask Maid of Honor – Card (Word Doc)




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