Save the Dates

I sent out my Save the Dates in November 2015….a whole 11 months before our wedding. I know this is going against almost every wedding planning timeline out there, but given our family situation, it seemed best to let everyone know the date now so they have more time to make any travel arrangements….
most of Shannen’s family lives in Hawaii, my brother-in-law is in the military and wants to make sure he gets first dibs on the date, and everyone kept asking anyway. So we decided to just go ahead and notify everyone all at once.

On both of our cell phones, we sent out texts to family first, then friends. Gasp A text?! I know, I know….this goes against all wedding “rules” too, but this has actually turned out for the best. We decided to go with a text for a couple of reasons: Save money, save time, save trees, we didn’t have very many addresses, and our professional engagement pictures had not come in yet. The photo we chose to use came from some photos my sister took of us in the summer before she moved back to Washington. We used Shannen’s iPhone to take the pictures at a local park and did some poses we had seen on Pinterest before. See my faves below..

I was originally okay with these being our only engagement pictures but when I tried creating mock Save the Date cards and invitations, the quality was way too low. The only way I’d be able to include these with clear resolution is too have a thumbnail on the card…that’s too small for me lol So we contacted Lakhan Photography here in town who I found on Facebook. It’s a small family ran business who was having Fall Mini Session specials at $50 for 15 minutes. Seemed good to me since the whole point was to not spend too much money. We wore green and purple, our favorite colors and wedding colors, and met the photographer at another local park. See a few below

I think they came out pretty cute….and clear 😛 We’ll be using at least one of these for our invitations and probably all of them in our Scrapbook Guestbook (which I’m also pretty excited about…stay tuned!).

Anyway back to the actual Save the Dates..

I changed the hue of the chosen picture to black and white and added words to our photos using a website I found online.


I saved the picture to my phone and sent it with the following wording:

We sent this exact photo and message to those people who we did not have phone numbers for on Facebook. Some might think this is also tacky, but we feel as long as we are not sending the actual invitation this way, we’re all good. Anyway, Save the Dates are not really required as they are more of a courtesy thing.

We decided to also include our Wedding Wire website which would be the base for our invites. Just in case someone’s invite gets lost, they can refer back to this site for details or to contact us. Gonzales-Chang is Shannen’s last name (my future last name 🙂 ). When we were deciding on a hashtag, we wanted to choose something that hadn’t already been used and that we could use even after the wedding. I tried all kinds of hashtag generators but didn’t like any of them…so we brainstormed and decided on #GonzalesChangGang. We thought it was funny/dorky and therefore kind of fit us for that reason. See the website below


We received responses with addresses almost immediately via text, Facebook, and the website. It was awesome especially because we didn’t have to wait so long. I have a cute address book I purchased at Walgreens for $2.99 that I’m saving information in…


It will be handy for any event throughout the years, I’m sure.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way this portion turned out, and I’d recommend it to any bride planning a wedding!



One thought on “Save the Dates

  1. Hope wedding planning is going well! Love your DIY ideas for “proposing” to your flower girl and bridal party. It’s so personal – can’t wait to see what other personal touches you’re adding to your wedding.


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